About Shazam

Since 1987, Shazam is a leading studio in Geneva for quality audio productions for all media : cinema, television, radio or internet.

Audio post-production

Relax ! In our studios, running Pro Tools HD, our team takes care of everything : recording, sound design, tailor-made original music compositions or stock music for your projects, stereo and 5.1 mixing and mastering...

Need a voice?

We work with actors everywhere in the world and we can record them remotely with optimal sound quality. Besides, our broad experience in voice talent directing is a great asset to find the right tone and the perfect vocal intentions for your project.

For any kind of project

Thanks to our flexibility, we can work on very diverse projects such as feature films, documentaries, TV or web series, corporate movies, commercials, audio guides, audio descriptions, podcasts and many more.

Remote sessions

Are you unable to attend? We can organize remote sessions, allowing you to follow the recordings live from where you are, even with video.

More services

Thanks to our trusted partners, we can propose many other services : writing, adaptation, translation, subtitling and even video production and post-production.

Our studios

3 Pro Tools Ultimate stations

3 Pro Tools Ultimate stations

16 core Mac Pros
Pro Tools HDX and Sync HD
Avid Icon control surface
Avid Artist control surface
Many quality plug-ins

Remote recording

Remote recording

Mayah C12
Mayah C10
Source Connect Pro
Session Link Pro
Full duplex with Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc...

Speakers and monitoring

Speakers and monitoring

Sytème 5.1 JBL Série 7
Dynaudio BM6-A
Headphones : Sennheiser, AKG



Neumann U87 and U87 AI
Neumann U89
AKG C414

Raid 5 server

Raid 5 server

Secure backup system
Networked soundbank

Meet our team

Xavier Fernandez

Docteur ès formes d'ondes

De la direction des voix au peaufinage des mixages, Xavier se dévoue corps et âme pour nos clients.

Ana van Deth

Fée des chiffres

Grâce à Ana, nos clients sont toujours ravis de recevoir leurs factures !

Contact us

Use the form to contact us or send us an email : info(@)shazam.ch

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1, avenue Industrielle, 1227 Carouge - Switzerland

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+41 (0)22 343 83 89
Mon-Fri, 9:00am-6:30pm

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